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As students start to ask questions about careers guide them to a great government website that provides practical information about a vast range of careers and the personal and professional qualifications needed for different occupations.

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Students can also visit the Careers Advisor Ms Nashwa Karafotias


Getting Motivated to do Your Work

If you are struggling to get motivated to do your schoolwork, sadly there is no magic solution. However, here are a few strategies you can try from the DEVELOPING MOTIVATION and OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION units if motivation or procrastination is an issue for you:

  • REWARDS: Set yourself small specific tasks to do with a specific reward at the end of the task. For some people little rewards are enough to get them going. 

  • CHUNK IT DOWN: If the work seems overwhelming or boring or unappealing, break it down into small bearable chunks and just do it one piece at a time. 

  • FRIENDS: Work with a friend or else tell your friend what work you want to get done and then check in on each other at the end of the night. Help each other stay on track.

  • RULE OF 3: If you can’t get started, write down the 3 most important things you must get done before you go to bed, then don’t even look at any other tasks until these 3 are completed.

  • MOTIVATING IMAGES: Find slogans, or images that motivate you and put them near your workspace.  Some people are motivated by pain (thinking of the consequences if you don’t study) while others are motivated by pleasure (thinking of all the good outcomes that will happen if you do study).

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We wish you well in your decision making, encourage you to accept advice from a wide range of sources and to ask questions if unsure.

COVID19 and HSC Exams

Please click this link to the NESA page on the illness and misadventure procedures.


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