BYOD at St Agnes

The use of information technologies is an essential and powerful skill in our world.

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St Agnes Catholic High School is committed to on‐going development of students academically, socially and emotionally, and is aware of the importance of seamless integration of information technology within our students’ education.

Our focus is on building capacity and extending the skills, knowledge, attributes and dispositions of our students to actively participate in the world beyond school. As you know, having a 1:1 device available does not of itself improve learning. Students already have knowledge of computer operations at their fingertips. It is important, however, to teach students to use ICT in innovative and creative ways that will enhance their learning and engage them in higher order thinking. This is how the use of ICT can potentially transform their learning.

Laptops give students immediate access to technology and help engage them in the learning process in new and different ways. This program provides an exciting opportunity for our students to become increasingly skilled at using a range of technology to access and present information, to problem solve, and to work collaboratively.

iPads at St Agnes

Device Options and Specifications:

Year 7-9


128GB Minimum storage (256GB Recommended)

Windows Devices

Lenovo Ideapad S145 or 130

HP Pavillion Notebook 14 inch

Acer Laptop (8 GB RAM and Min. 12 GB HDD)

Students can use an existing iPAD they may have used in primary school. However we do not recommend purchasing a new one as laptops are the preferred option.

(Please note the network does not support any other Windows devices except the ones listed above)

Years 10-12

Macbook/Air/Pro  128GB Minimum storage (512GB Recommended)

HP, Lenovo, Acer (8 GB RAM and Min 256 GB HDD)


When MacBooks are used in an education environment up to 8-10 hours a day they still have a shelf life of 5 Years (minimum). This far outweighs other competition. Yes you may pay more money initially but another reason we are a Mac only school is that we ensure that your device will last your student from year 10-12 without any new purchases.


The school infrastructure has been built and focused around Apple Machines.


The networks and cabling at the school have been set up based on Apple products for the learning at the school. By having an Apple only focus we are able to increase speeds and detect problems a lot quicker than using multi systems.

TV's & Projectors

The school has installed over Apple TV's which can only be connected to via Apple products such as a MacBook. If students need to project an assessment or present to the class they can only do so through their apple products.


St Agnes highly recommends parents include some form of personal insurance for their child's device. A full coverage case for the device is essential to protect the device.

There are currently two purchasing options families are welcome to pursue.

To assist in minimising the cost of purchasing these devices, Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese has worked with one of their preferred suppliers of Macbooks, Compnow, to set up a Parent Portal.

This is a secure portal that enables parents to purchase Macbooks, bags and accessories at discount educational pricing.

Visit the parent portal

Parents are also able to purchase from the Apple stores either in person or online at Castle Hill or Penrith.

These Apple Stores offer discounted education pricing on all devices and accessories for students of Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese. Parents are also free to purchase a Macbook from any retailer such as Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi.

Visit the Apple Store

Student Applications (Apps)

Educational Apps have been critically evaluated to assess the educational benefits for students. Every App listed has been evaluated by the appropriate subject Teaching and Learning Coordinator and by the students in our Technologies Group.

Students are taught how to connect to our network, what the school expectations are in the correct use of the device and how to use specific Apps.

  St Agnes Acceptable Use of Technology Policy
  CSPD Student Responsible Use of ICT and Social Media Guidelines

Technical Support

The school's ICT Team will assist students with technical difficulties they may experience.

Once the student commences the device will be enrolled into our management system which will provide the device


AirWatch, by VMware, is the current enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD).

The AirWatch MDM platform, in conjunction with other technology platforms e.g. Zscaler Content Management System (CMS), enables CSPD to provide a safe online learning and working environment for all CSPD students, staff, contractors and volunteers.

All supported Apple IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices (CSPD owned or personal e.g. BYOD devices) are required to be enrolled in AirWatch in order to connect to CSPD's student and staff wireless ICT networks.

Further information regarding the CSPD AirWatch platform, and Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the
  Airwatch Mobile Device Management Document