Award System

Rewarding Achievement

It is important for all students in the St Agnes community to feel their unique skills and talents are valued and celebrated. The following awards are aimed at keeping students motivated and engaged. Students are able to build on their awards during their journey at St Agnes. 

At St Agnes, the Franciscan charism is at the core of our beliefs in teaching and learning. This charism focuses on the whole person and as a community we nurture this by offering our students many opportunities to experience a holistic education spiritually, creatively, physically and academically. 

The Pillars shape the St Agnes community, guiding teachers and students to realise their fullest potential as a whole person. Celebrating the individual is very much at the core of our belief at St Agnes.





Recognising Student Achievement


Many forms of achievement are valued, suitably rewarded and appropriately recognised. The School also believes that student who strive to improve on their personal best, whether it be in sport, academic study, extracurricular, cultural or social activities (in the School and beyond it), should be commended, encouraged and appropriately recognised.


At the end of the year students who contribute to the life of St Agnes will attend a reward day. The criteria for students who will be chosen to attend will be a mix of Attendance, Extra Curricular participation, Merits, Uniform and adherence to school rules. The selections will be determined by Learning Mentors and Leaders of Learning Pathways in collaboration with LAs.

The St Agnes Cup