Congratulations to our High Achievers 2020

Anthony Gagliardi

As everyone knows, 2020 saw our first Year 12 group attain their Higher School Certificate (HSC). We are incredibly proud of the Class of 2020 and we do wish them all the very best as they undertake a new pathway. Despite being the most challenging year for any student undertaking their final year of school, our students achieved great results across all areas. The students received a number of Band 6 and 5s, with Anthony Gagliardi being not only our School Dux, but our ATAR Dux as well! 

On Friday we welcomed Anthony and Distinguished Achievers. As a school we could not be more proud of the achievements of our first HSC cohort and wish each of them continued success as they begin the next stage of their lives journey. May the spirit of St Agnes stay strong in their hearts. 

HSC High Achievers